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Training Courses

PPS deliver SIA License training for all roles from Security Guard to Close Protection.

Whether you are new to the security industry or wishing to upgrade your license, we can help.

We also provide continuous developmental training in the form of safety and protection training courses as listed below.

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SIA Training

Security Guard
Door Supervisor
Close Protection

PPS Training Courses

Conflict Management

Theoretical and practical techniques to calm, defuse and control a difficult or aggressive person or situation

Use of Force

How to lawfully apply justified, proportionate and reasonable force during an ejection or detaining a violent person. Can also include safe monitoring of a restrained person and medical implications

Disengagement – Breakaways

Basic, easily remembered, non-restrictive practical techniques to break free from the most common types of grabs and holds.

Physical Intervention

Low level break away, guiding and manoeuvring practical techniques as taught in the SIA Door Supervisor training

Control & Restraint

Safe and effective restraint techniques that give the ability to escalate and de-escalate in line with the level of threat posed. Comparable with the techniques used by the Police Force.


Lawful search techniques and routines for person, vehicle, venue and routes.

Mission Statement

“To maintain our high standards & build on our enviable reputation for providing quality security at a competitive price.”

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